Launch of NAS & Patient Advocacy Service Casebook 2023

The Patient Advocacy Service has announced the launch of its second annual Casebook. The Casebook provides a comprehensive overview of the crucial work undertaken by both services, highlighting the positive impact of independent advocacy on individuals’ lives and the protection of their human rights.

The Casebook, a joint publication by NAS & the Patient Advocacy Service, offers a unique glimpse into the diverse range of issues that both NAS and the Patient Advocacy Service supported people with in 2023. Each case example demonstrates how Advocates in both services help breach gaps in systems, ensure best practice across public services, promote positive systemic changes and show how independent advocacy has a positive impact both for individuals and in communities across Ireland.

The Patient Advocacy Service is commissioned by the Department of Health and delivered by the National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities (NAS). The service provides support to people who wish to make a complaint about their care in a Public Acute Hospital or a Nursing Home and in the aftermath of a patient safety incident.

This year’s Casebook represents the range of complex cases that our advocates support people with on a daily basis. It serves as a glimpse into the extensive work carried out by our Advocates, underscoring the lived experiences of patients in public acute hospitals and residents in nursing homes. Each case highlights some of the areas of concern for patients and nursing home residents, such as poor communication, dignity & respect, discharge planning and patient safety. They also highlight the impact of being listened to, a genuine apology and implementation of learning to improve quality of service.

The Patient Advocacy Service is committed to increasing understanding of a person’s rights, health literacy and to elevating the voice of patients and nursing home residents by supporting them through the relevant complaints process. Our service also offers support in the aftermath of a Patient Safety Incident, through the Open Disclosure Process and any subsequent investigations.

The stories shared in our Casebook demonstrate the support that we can offer to patients and nursing home residents and the vital role that independent advocacy plays in helping people to know their rights, express their concerns, needs, expectations and will and preferences. Acknowledging the experience of patients and nursing home residents can have a positive impact on learning and quality improvement for health and social care settings. These case studies demonstrate how our advocates consistently champion and safeguard the human rights of individuals and keep the person at the centre of the process.

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